The blueprint for a web3 community platform

Web3 Community Platform Protocol

Since 2017, at Arianee we have been building a web3 infrastructure based on an open source protocol with a simple vision: connecting token issuers and token holders, creating a link that is decentralised and private by design.

Today, as a critical mass of communities, wallet users, and NFT owners are quickly developing around De-Fi and NFT projects, Arianee is expanding to a wider digital space where tokens are already distributed.

We are excited to introduce SPKZ - the web3 Community Platform Protocol. SPKZ's mission is to create a marketing and communication infrastructure for the decentralized internet, where digital asset holders can connect with other verified holders through their crypto wallet, and the digital assets they own.


What's inside the light paper:



Understand the rise and the needs of web3 communities



Arianee's vision on building a decentralized platform



The features and the architecture of SPKZ



SPKZ revenue stream principles


Download the SPKZ light paper now!

The future is bright, and we are looking forward to writing the future of web3 communication & marketing solutions.